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The other evening, I was watching a show on a streaming platform that runs commercials. In the span of the 55 minute show, I witnessed three different drug commercials targeted at migraine sufferers. It blew me away! Not only that there were three different drug campaigns in that short span of time, but that each one of those drugs had side effects that feel like a terrible trade off - basically, get rid of migraines but be saddled with diarrhea, constipation, nausea, dizziness and more. Perhaps if you are suffering regular migraines, these side effects feel like the lesser of the evils.

I couldn’t help thinking ... do people not know there is a better choice with zero side effects?

In my work as an acupuncturist, I have seen so many patients with recurring headaches to severe migraines. It has been such a joy to help them go from extremely intense pain on the daily to less severe pain on occasion to no occurrences at all. I know acupuncture is a powerful medicine. However, every time a patient returns and tells me the time between our sessions has been free of headache or migraines, I want to jump for joy (and to be honest, sometimes I do right in front of them). So how is it needles can do what drug therapy can only keep at bay?

Every patient is different, but the short answer is that in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we look at the root cause, not just the symptom. Acupuncturists are a curious bunch. We ask so many questions that build a pattern of key insights that we use to piece together the how and why of a condition. When we understand the pattern, we can dive into our giant toolkit and create a treatment plan that allows for a lessening, and in many cases, a complete turn around of symptoms and problems. Many of my patients had suffered for years, and thought this would just be a way of life forever. They have tried drugs, which help temporarily by relieving some symptoms but never make the headaches/migraines go away. It wasn’t until acupuncture that they finally found relief in a more permanent way.

This more permanent relief is due to the many avenues that TCM has to look at the root problem and solve it. Headaches and migraines can occur for a multitude of reasons. In TCM it can be because there is too much of something there (examples - stress, emotion, anxiety, cold, heat, damp, blood) or not enough of something (examples - blood, movement, food, relaxation). Acupuncturists ask a lot of questions to try to figure out if your headache/migraines are due to too much or not enough, and then we set out to decrease the too much or increase the not enough. As a result, your body finds balance and the headache/migraine goes away because the reason it’s there is fixed.

The great thing about acupuncture, besides it works, is that often people notice other benefits that also accompany the relief of the main problem. Often times a more relaxed state of being, better sleep and improved resiliency for stress accompany the overall wellness brought about by acupuncture.

Are you ready to stop suffering from headaches and/or migraines? What if I told you in 6-10 treatments you could be headache/migraine free (or at least way less and way less severe)? What if I told you that your quality of life could improve by at least 60-70%? What if I told you that headaches/migraines could no longer be the reason you miss out on your kid's school play, have to call off work or cannot get out of bed??

Why not set up an acupuncture treatment plan today? In most cases people see a noticeable difference in the first session. However, the headaches/migraines may return within 7-10 days, but at a lesser intensity. A typical treatment plan for sustained results generally involves an initial consultation which includes treatment, and weekly follow up visits for 4 weeks. Patients often report tremendous decrease in the number, intensity and severity of headaches/migraines after these first 5 sessions.

Once this resilience is built within the whole body system, we work on longevity of relief. This occurs by stretching out the frequency of our visits to a few appointments every two-three weeks. Generally, the treatments are holding strong and now a patient comes only for maintenance visits every 4-6 weeks to keep the system balanced.

If you’re ready to take your life back from the impacts of headaches/migraines, come meet with me. I listen to your needs, put the pieces together and treat the cause, not just the symptoms. I’m here to help. Please reach out. You don’t need to suffer one more day AND you don't need those medications.

You can reach me via email by clicking here.

Image credit: gpointstudio on Freepik


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