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Yoga Practice

What people say about
Acupuncture at Inhale

" Michelle's clear and intentional deepening path of healing has really helped me live a better life!  I have had chronic back pain for over 20 years and in less thana year of acupuncture treatment, that pain is gone.  I can breath easier, enjoy more aspects of my life in general and have found more peace.  Thank you, Michelle! "

                                                                    --  Nate H.

" I have suffered with chronic migraines at least 1-2 times per week, forever.  With Michelle's acupuncture treatments, my migraines dropped to maybe one a month and were manageable with over the counter medications versus the strong prescriptions medications I was on.  I would highly recommend acupuncture to anyone searching for a natural way to help heal your body.  Michelle is the best! "                                -- Kimberly E.

" At first I was very anxious being around needles and thought it would hurt. Michelle was very comforting and supportive during my whole experience. I went to see her due to period pains. As the process was moving along she informed me on everything she was doing, and how it would help me. After my appointment my pains were minimum for the next three to four months. Amazing work.  I will recommend her to many other people! "

                                                                    --  Joslyn S.

What people say about
Yoga Therapy at Inhale

" Without a doubt, Michelle is a highly skilled, professional and knowledgeable yoga therapy instructor.  She always listens carefully to what her client requests, assesses what the clients needs, observes their current level of practice and designs a practice to address all areas of concern.  She truly understands the anatomy of the body and can assess your personal strengths and weaknesses to design a practice that enhances and improves your mobility in those areas, keeping safety in mind at all times.  "

                                                                    --  Sherri D.

" Michelle is  patient, comforting, and non judgmental. I feel at ease with her, and appreciate her ability to provide knowledge in a relatable way, in an environment, that is conducive to learning, development, and  growth. All of the experiences we've shared together have been beneficial, challenging, relaxing, and fun!!! "

                                                                     -- Megan F.

" "Through working with Michelle, I have learned to heal my backaches with a few simple poses and stretches that are easy to do throughout the work day and bring almost instant relief."  "

                                                                    --  Hanna C.

" Working with Michelle to address my chronic pain through yoga has been a rewarding experience with encouraging results. I instantly felt comfortable and connected when working with Michelle. She was able to quickly analyze challenges for my body, and help me establish a program that will ease these problem areas. Learning a wide range of poses and how to be in touch with my own body made my session with her a valuable experience! ”

                                                                     -- Nick C.

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