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I have been using the Inner Guide calendar for years now. One of my favorite parts about it is that every month it starts with a wisdom section to inspire your month (or each day if you look at it that often (and I do). It has a quote that relates to the overall wisdom. I generally share these on my Instagram account, but thought today I'd start doing them as a blog post and dive in a little deeper.

FOCUS FORWARD. If you want to bring your dreams to life, start by acknowledging your inspiring as well as your difficult experiences, for they have shaped you and led you to where you are right now. Dwelling on regrets, casting blame and failing to take full responsibility deplete your valuable energy and keep you stuck in old patterns of thinking. Work toward your goals every day while staying focused on your vision.


Here's what it makes me think of:

It’s usually by this time that any goals we set forth at the beginning of the year begin to wane. But this month’s calendar wisdom reminds us to revisit those goals and focus forward. Let go of what you didn’t do or forgot about, and focus starting again right now to move forward.

So what’s your vision? What are you dreaming? How can you reignite your flame that fueled the dream?

I know I’ll be going over my goals list and checking in to where I am and where I need to adjust and focus in. Life has been busy for me lately, and I’ve been on the hamster wheel making the moves and doing the daily tasks. It’s a good time to get off and reflect where I’ve come so far, where I’ve lost focus and get recentered to focus forward.

I think we get so busy with the doing of life -- the routines, the tasks, the here and there -- that we forget to pause for reflection. Not the kind of pause and tune out like at the end of the day with Netflix, but really pause and tune in -- write, reflect, read, plan and dream. This pause is where the magic happens. It's where we can put down the stress we carry making things happen, and reconnect with the fuel that flamed those fiery passions in the first place. A place to stop moving and start feeling.

I can say from experience that when I stay in the doing and don't take the time to pause, I find myself being less excited about the things I know I love. The lack of time to just be bleeds into everything tainting it just a little bit.

So, as I sit here in the sun, poolside at my friend's home in Florida, I write these words for you and for me. It's time to unplug, feel the wind and sun on my skin, let my mind wander and see where this pause take me. What things will it reinspire. What passions will it reignite. What new ideas will come in the open doors of my mind and heart while I rest, listen and pause?

Already ... I just wrote a blog post ... which I always want to do, but it gets kicked to the side in all the other busy. In case I don't stay strong on the monthly inspiration blog, you can follow me on Instagram to get the short version each month. You'll find me @inhalewellnessstudio


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