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It's hard to believe that I have been practicing acupuncture for 3 years now.

It seems like only yesterday I was using my December to learn and prepare for my clinic rounds, or using December to prepare for my first board exam. And here we are ..... private practice with so many successes, so much learning and so many relationships built. I couldn't be more grateful for all your support along this journey. It has been my pleasure and such a gift to serve you in wellness care these last several years.

I've learned so much the last 2 years in private practice (both from continuing ed events and from the time spent in clinic with my patients). The last two years have given me a better understanding of who I am as a practitioner and how this tradition lives and speaks through me. When I opened the acupuncture practice, I had no idea what to expect, how to manage the practice or my time with patients. There wasn't a lot of

training around how to manage an integrative wellness practice. So, I relied on my experience as a yoga teacher and massage practitioner to guide my clinic set up knowing I would eventually settle into a groove. As I always say to my new patients, there are a lot of different paths we could take in a treatment, and I just have to start somewhere and see how it goes. That's exactly what I did with Inhale as an integrative wellness clinic. It has been a great learning journey thus far, and I now have a better understanding of myself, acupuncture and what it is to run an integrative wellness clinic. As such, it is time to do a little restructuring to continue to provide quality care and set the foundation and framework for the growth of the practice.

I've learned that some patients only need needles, some have more complicated conditions and require needles plus other modalities, and still other patients require a comprehensive approach to address chronic and difficult conditions. I'm here for it all

and need to now reflect in my structure and pricing the time it takes when I add in more modalities to complicated conditions. In this restructure you will see the names of services change, what's included in services change and yes, a price increase. In many cases, the restructuring won't be that much of a price change. In a few cases it might feel like a lot. My hope is in these cases is you will agree that the treatment I've been giving requires a lot of time, skill and effort and has been yielding results you didn't get elsewhere, and never thought you'd see, and understand the restructuring.

Restructuring and price increases are never an easy thing for a business to do. However, they are a necessary part of business health, growth and survival. I have faith that you will all understand and appreciate the value of the work I bring to you in this integrative wellness clinic, and care equally for the health and wellness of Inhale and what it brings to you.

That said, starting January 10, 2024, you can expect to see the restructure in full effect as follows:

Acupuncture Basic ($115) This is a simple treatment that includes only acupuncture needles. It will take 60 minutes to complete.

Acupuncture Plus ($125) This is a treatment that includes acupuncture needles and one other modality for when you need just a bit more to get you there. Perhaps acupuncture and cupping, or acupuncture and leave in ear needles. This treatment will take up to 75 minutes to complete.

Acupuncture Premium ($165) This is a treatment for complicated cases that require more time and modalities to get the job done. This treatment could include a combination of 2-3 modalities like acupuncture, cupping, electricity, taping, leave in ear needles. These treatments will take up to 90 minutes to complete and require a lot of skill, knowledge and time.

Orthopedic Acupuncture ($185) This treatment is for severe conditions (think strokes, various neuropathies, complicated pain conditions, sports injuries) It requires skilled assessments for joint movements, nerve testing, gait and more depending on the condition. It also requires multiple modalities to create corrective healing. This treatment not only includes acupuncture needles, but will also likely include scalp acupuncture, electricity and leave in ear needles. This treatment will take up to 90 minutes.

New Patient Visits ($165). This will take up to 90 minutes and include initial consultation and an Acupuncture basic treatment. In this session, we will learn if your condition responds well to basic acupuncture or if you will need to move into sessions that will include more modalities.

Thai Bliss massage ($95). This is a relaxation based massage that includes 8 different oils to relax the body, calm the mind and relieve stress. This session takes 60 minutes.

Thai Bliss massage with cupping ($125). Same massage as above, but with added cupping. This massage takes 70 minutes. As always, I'm here to help and will continue to bring the highest quality of service to your care. with great love and gratitude, Michelle


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